Cleaning and care

Child's Play

Cleaning & care of Bauwerk parquet

You'd be hard pushed to find another type of flooring that is easier to look after than parquet. The cleaning and care of the various parquet surfaces is child's play.


A soft broom, mop or vacuum cleaner is sufficient for the routine cleaning and removal of loose dirt. Stubborn dirt can be washed away with a damp cleaning cloth. Add a non-abrasive cleaning fluid to the wash water. Very dirty spots or stubborn stains can be removed with Bauwerk's special cleaning products.


For the ongoing maintenance care, you can add a care product from the Bauwerk range into your washing water. For medium or heavy duty cleaning there are also the corresponding care products for lacquered and for oiled parquet floors.

Good to know - Cleaning and Care

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Clearly structured colour-coded system

Bauwerk's cleaning and care products are sorted according to a colour coding system. A coloured butterfly on the label indicates the content of the product. All cleaning products have a pink butterfly. The orange butterfly represents the care of nature oiled surfaces. The green butterfly represents care products designed for lacquered floors.

directly to the products for nature oiled parquet
directly to the products for lacquered parquet