Bauwerk spray mop set

For cleaning floors quickly and easily.

Bauwerk spray mop set

69,62 €

Incl. 19 % tax, Excl. shipping.

  • easy to use and saves space
  • quick and easy cleaning with the Bauwerk microfibre wipe cloth
  • Bauwerk parquet cleaner developed specifically for Bauwerk product surfaces
  • even distribution of the cleaning agent with a spray grip
  • ergonomic grip for easy handling

Product details:

The Bauwerk spray mop can be used to clean any parquet surface. The set includes the Bauwerk spray mop, one Bauwerk microfibre wipe cloth and 1 litre of the Bauwerk parquet cleaner concentrate.


The device is assembled after delivery. Pour a capful of the Bauwerk parquet cleaner into the container and top off with water, then insert the bottle until it stops in the mount provided for it. Attach the Bauwerk microfibre wipe cloth with the hook-and-loop fastener. Squeeze the spray grip a few times until the cleaning agent comes out of the sprayer and is evenly distributed over the floor.

Packing unit: 1 Bauwerk spray mop + 1.0 litre Bauwerk parquet cleaner + 1 Bauwerk microfibre wipe cloth


  • Bauwerk parquet cleaner: can be stored for at least 1 year (unopened, in original packaging)
  • do not store at temperatures under 5 °C
  • keep away from children

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