Bauwerk Universal Spot Remover Spray

Suitable for all Bauwerk surfaces

Bauwerk Universal Fleckenspray

15,47 €

Incl. 19 % tax, Excl. shipping.

Special cleaning product for persistent soiling on natural-oiled, matte-lacquered, lacquered and B-Protect® surfaces.

  • Suitable for all Bauwerk surfaces
  • Highly effective


  1.      Shake the Bauwerk Universal Spot Remover Spray and apply the product undiluted onto the soiled areas.
  2.      Wipe the product off with a cloth after approx. 1–2 minutes; repeat the procedure if necessary.
  3.      Wipe the floor with a wet cloth.
  4.      After the floor dries out, always re-oil oiled surfaces with Bauwerk Care Oil or Bauwerk Care Oil Plus.

Packing unit:

150 ml bottle


Apply only the amount needed


Shelf life at least 1-year (unopened original container)

Keep away from sources of heat (e.g. sunlight). Protect from frost.

Keep out of reach of children

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